Giovanna Ventura


We are so incredibly lucky to share in so many beautiful moments with our clients and their families.

Wishing every mother, grandmother and mother-figure, a very Happy Mother's Day!

A mother's excitement on her daughter's wedding day.

Photography: Lauren Belknap for Callaway Gable



Groom and mother embracing.

Photography: Elizabeth Messina



Mother-to-be at her Baby Shower.

Photography: Elizabeth Messina 



A mother proud of her daughter at her Bat Mitzvah.

Photography: Callaway Gable



Grandmother and granddaughter embracing.

Photography: Elizabeth Messina 



A mother's greatest gift is her newborn baby.

Photography: Hazelnut Photography



Mother helping her daughter get ready for her wedding.

Photography: Steve Steinhardt



Mother embracing her baby son.

Photography: Elizabeth Messina