Blue tent, swaging and illuminated furniture
Purple neon illuminated tables for Cascadia Motivation
Multicolored Illuminated Tables Set the Scene for this 80s Themed Event
White Illuminated Cocktail Tables, Chinese paper lantern lighting
Blue illuminated tables at Christmas holiday corporate party
Illumi Tables And Pink Uplights Add a Pop of Color

Illuminated furniture provides a contemporary element to event décor.

Bob Gail’s battery operated light up tables are available in multiple styles.

Illuminated banquet rounds, cocktail tables, tall boys, buffet tables, bars and coffee tables turn ordinary tables into décor pieces.  

The illuminated furniture is brilliantly lit with every color of neon or LED lights, and adds design dimension to a variety of events.

This contemporary and fun furniture style is an easy way to add color to any event.

Illuminated furniture transforms simple spaces into a special event environment.

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