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September 3, 2020

Somehow August is over and [virtual] school has started!  As business owners who are also moms, it has always been important to keep our home office and kid spaces organized and as aesthetically pleasing as possible!  This year, that has translated into making our spaces conducive for both work and school.

Layouts and space planning are a crucial part of the success of each event.  We design our layouts with guest comfort at the forefront, while also making sure it is logical and functional for the type of event our client is planning.  We always apply this approach to home projects as well.   Here are some of the pieces that have helped us organize our spaces for this new world we find ourselves in:


3 Tier Cart // Cart Label // Drawer Organizers // Pencil Cup // File Holder // Hanging Folders

Corkboard // Pin Clips // Pencil Sharpener // Surge Protector // Lazy Susan // Cotton Bins // Plastic Bins //  Metal Baskets 


Wall Calendar // File Holders // Wireless Charging Station //  Monitor Riser //  Desk Organizer

Functional pieces are essential, but the pretty details are just as important.  Here are a few fun additions to prioritize happiness in your space each day:

Vase // Lumbar Pillow //  Diffuser  // Mug  // Glass Water Bottle// Coasters

Clipboard // Gel Pens // Notepad// Pencil Cup //Scissors // Stapler //  Screen Wipes

You can find more of our favorites in the Work from Home section of our Amazon Shop

We also recommend lots of visits here for home school essentials–you’ve earned it!!