Renderings are such a vital part of our design process, as they allow us to fully visualize size, scale and look for each of our projects. For the custom hospitality lounge we built at LA Live, we had some tricky guidelines to fit well into the existing space, while still bringing our client’s brand to life.

The overall space was comprised of subflooring, a tent frame, hedge walls and branded hard wall enclosures with the ability to close the ceiling and walls in case of inclement weather in January, while still maintaining an open feel. The space had to be multi-functional as both an open mingling and networking space in the center section during the days and a cocktail party space in the evenings. We also created two separate private meeting rooms on either end of the space to provide guests with an enclosed office to discuss business as needed.

Our client wanted the space to serve as a living version of their brand, visible from all angles, so we incorporated dimensional branded elements throughout the perimeter of the exterior and the interior.

As this brand activation was coordinated in conjunction with the ALIS Conference, the tent’s placement in the center square, directly in front of Starbucks: the main hub during the conference, was the perfect location for guests to pop in between sessions.


The DJ booth doubled as an executive work hub and tied teak wood look into the space.

We grounded the space with a central oversized teak wood textured bar with branded elements and floral accents.

The overhead view of the space was one of our favorite elements.

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