Home Bar Essentials

October 20, 2020

We are fortunate to get to work with some of the best mixologists to create custom bar menus for our clients.  Through these partnerships we have picked up some great tips on how to build the perfect home bar.

Bar Carts

The first step is selecting the right bar or bar cart to showcase your collection.  There are a number of different options that satisfy various design styles, space requirements and pricing.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Gold // Rattan // Bronze // Wood // Black Rattan // Acrylic


Trays will keep your bar cart organized and add to the design of your set-up:

Gold // Wood // White // Acrylic // Woven // Glass


There are so many options for each spirit type that choosing one for your home bar can be overwhelming.  Everyone has their favorite and typically choose to have a few different options of each on hand, depending on the specific cocktail they are making.  We suggest starting with the basics and adding to your collection as you determine what spirits you use most and what flavor profiles you prefer.  Here are our favorite selections in each category that are versatile crowd-pleasers, that also come at a good price point when building your home bar:

Vodka // Gin // Tequila // Rum // Bourbon // Scotch

We also recommend going to your neighborhood spirit store to get more personal recommendations from the staff based on your preferences.  Here are a few of our favorites in the LA area:


John & Pete’s

Bar Keeper

Barsha Wines & Spirits


In addition to spirits, there are a few standard mixers that are essential for basic cocktails:

Cointreau // Dry Vermouth // Sweet Vermouth// Aperol // Bitters  // Fresh Citrus // Simple Syrup (recipe below)


You really only need a few tools on hand to create any cocktail.  Here are a few of the essentials:

Shaker & Bar Tool Set // Ice Bucket // Jigger // Citrus Peeler // Juicer 


You can serve most cocktails with one of the following basic bar glasses:

Coupe // Hi-Ball // Old-Fashioned

Once you have the basics, we love these retailers for glassware that doubles as decor:

Casa De Perrin


Extra Touches

 Cocktail Napkins // Cocktail Straws // Cocktail Picks // Coasters // Decanter

Now that you have the elements, it’s time to put them to use!  Here are 4 essential cocktails using these basics to get you started:

Trying new cocktails is one of our favorite activities.  Share your recipes in the comments below or by tagging #BGEathome

You can find more of our cocktail hour favorites in the Happy Hour list of our Amazon Shop