As two working moms, we’ve been looking for new ways to keep our kids entertained in between the sea of zoom calls, worksheets, books and iPads.  Make believe is a favorite in our homes, so we devised a plan to have our older kids make dinner by making it a game–everybody wins!

With Top Chef ‘s restaurant wars as our inspiration, we had Jack create his own pizza joint.  He came up with a name, spent the afternoon making the sign & menus, set the table with the items he selected and even chose the playlist.  While we might have made some different choices for the decor, seeing how proud he was of his tablescape was so rewarding.

To keep the preparation easy and relatively mess-free, we ordered the Kids Pizza Making Kit from Pitfire Pizza–the chocolate chip cookie dough is definitely an added bonus!

Here are some of our other favorite restaurants that are offering pizza kits:

La Morra Pizzeria


Jon & Vinny’s Goods

Milo & Olive

Pizzeria Mozza

Jack made the pizza, we made the sides, and Jack served everyone!

It turned out to be one of Jack’s favorite dinners and inspired his next restaurant–a hot dog stand–coming soon!

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